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More than ever we need a Councilmember who will advocate for residents

Together we can take our city back

There is a huge disconnect between what the people want and what city officials approve.

In every aspect of our city, we need a connection to the people

Find out more about why I'm running for city council by reading my Campaign Statement, Values and Platform, and my candidacy announcement, Cupertino is at a Critical Crossroads.

Cupertino Candidate Videos

Seven of the eight candidates for 2018 Cupertino City Council are featured in special two-minute video segments, including Liang Chao.

Yard signs are here!

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The City of Cupertino is at a critical crossroads.

We, the people, should decide what we build or not build in our own city.

We should empower the residents to be actively engaged in city decisions, not attempting to silence them.

We need Councilmembers who will ask critical questions and make decisions based on research, data and evidence, not wishful thinking. We need Councilmembers who will stand up to tremendous outside pressures.

We, the people, should be the drivers of our future. Our home. Our City. Join us on this campaign to take back Cupertino.

Read or Watch Liang's Campaign Speech