We shouldn’t be forced to choose between two bad options at Vallco. Do you believe Cupertino residents deserve BETTER?


Roadmap to a better Vallco

Better Vallco

A Community-friendly Vallco with a significant portion for retail, shopping, entertainment and more, not just 4% of the entire project as in the recently approved Vallco Tier 2 Plan.

Suburban in scale. Sufficient parkland and sufficient parking space. Moderate amount of housing. A plan that is well publicized and well discussed in the community before its approval.

Better Cupertino

A Cupertino where the City Council engages with the community early on in the decision-making process and throughout so that there are no surprises.

A Cupertino where developers respect the community and only submit sensible projects since the sensible City Council won’t be pushed to accept over-sized projects.

Roadmap for a Better Vallco and a Better Cupertino

Step 1:

Pause the BAD OPTION

Referendum the recently approved 2018 mega Vallco Specific Plan (Tier 2) to put it to a public vote by 2020 or earlier through a special election, at Council’s discretion and giving time for community input for Better Vallco options. (Sign the petition by Oct. 28)

Step 2:


Elect sensible City Council members who would hold the developers and city staff accountable for their actions.

Step 3:


The Council directs the staff to seriously follow all city and state laws on the SB 35 project if Developer wishes to go forward. Either the compliance issue will be called into question or the developer won’t be able to profit as much. Thus, the Developer will be open to a better Vallco plan.

Step 4:


Re-start the community process to come up with a better and reasonable Vallco plan under a reasonable City Council, who will only accept a reasonably-sized plan that meets community needs and improves the housing shortage without overwhelming traffic and other infrastructure.

Step 5:


At the ballot box in 2020 or a special election earlier, the voters would choose between a better Vallco plan or the 2018 mega Vallco Specific plan.

A Sensible City Council Would Only Accept Sensible Projects.

Vision for a Community-Friendly Vallco

Maximize Community Benefits with Minimal Impact

  • Appealing shopping experience to meet the needs of the diverse community.

  • Activities, fitness & entertainment for all ages to enjoy.

  • Community amenities: small library branch, swimming pools, meeting and event rooms, etc.

  • Community-friendly small businesses to fit the needs of local residents, such as medical offices, after school enrichment classes, cultural & art venues, etc.

  • Moderate amount of mostly for-sale housing for various income brackets and for seniors and people with disabilities.

  • Buildings that are both structurally appealing and meet the style and look of Cupertino: 45ft-60ft in height

  • Ample ground-level park space and setbacks. Beautiful landscape and tree coverage.

  • Both indoor and outdoor shopping areas, blended naturally together.

  • Sufficiently address school impacts, with realistic projections.

  • Minimize impact on commute traffic, with realistic assumptions.

  • Transparent process from beginning to the end to ensure wide community support.

  • Multiple engagement methods online and offline so that a wide spectrum of residents could participate.

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