Dr. Liang­-Fang “Liang” Chao

Candidate for Cupertino City Council


Residents value Cupertino’s character and diversity.

Unbalanced growth impacts our quality of life.

Lost retail forces us to shop out-of-town.

Poor planning burdens public safety, schools, parks, and infrastructure.

Environmental and traffic problems impact our health.

As a CUSD Trustee, I brought positive changes to critical problems, including restoring trust and replacing a superintendent. Now I hope to address vital Cupertino issues. Council will face important development decisions at Vallco & The Oaks, Lehigh issues and more. The State Legislature is pushing laws to allow developers to bypass local control and environmental review. More than ever we need a Councilmember who will advocate for residents who value jobs-housing balance, quality schools, better environment and less traffic, and one who will work with residents to adopt sound policies. I will fight for Cupertino.

My family has lived in Cupertino for 20 years. Our children attend public schools. I became involved in city and school issues because special interests advocate policies that conflict with Cupertino’s best interests.

I’m committed to transparency, fact-based decision-making, fiscal responsibility, and community engagement. I’ll advocate for equitable solutions that respect residents and local businesses.

Liang Chao Cupertino Council Candidate.jpg