Liang Chao Cupertino City Council Candidate (800x718).jpg

More than ever we need a Councilmember who will advocate for residents

Together we can take our city back

There is a huge disconnect between what the people want and what city officials approve.

In every aspect of our city, we need a connection to the people


Find out more about why Liang ran for city council by reading her Campaign Statement, Values and Platform, and her candidacy announcement, Cupertino is at a Critical Crossroads.

Time for Change on the City Council and Here is Why.

Ask Dr. Liang Chao - Affordable Housing

In a quick segment, Liang briefly shares that she supports affordable housing for all income levels and especially for families, seniors and people with special challenges, and explains why Vallco Tier 2 is not an affordable housing project. Read more here.

Cupertino Candidate Videos

Candidates for Cupertino City Council are featured in special two-minute video segments, including Liang Chao.

Liang also participated in a candidate forum hosted by the League of Women Voters on September 24th. There she shared her priorities and answered questions submitted by the public.

On October 17, Liang participated in a candidate forum hosted by the Rotary Club of Cupertino (following the link leads to a list of topics covered and jumps to Liang’s responses).

Liang Chao interviewed on NTD TV (Chinese) along with Jon Willey (in English).