Liang Chao talks about supporting affordable housing

Cupertino City Council candidate Liang Chao talks about affordable housing, and why she strongly supports it if the developer's proposal is right for Cupertino. Read more below or watch the video.

In summary, Liang supports affordable housing for all income levels and especially for families, seniors and people with special challenges.

  • Cupertino needs a solid action plan for affordable housing.

  • Cupertino has approved three housing projects in the last 3 years (Marina, Hamptons and Veranda). I support such housing projects that also have affordable housing included.

  • Does not support Vallco Tier 2 Plan because it contains a mega-office component which will worsen our housing shortage, causing our teachers and other workers to compete even more for housing. Additionally it will worsen commute times so that finding affordable housing nearby is even less attainable.

  • Those who care about affordable housing should not allow developers to disguise office-heavy projects as “housing” or “affordable housing”.

  • Supports stronger development agreements that ensure affordable housing is funded and constructed within a set time after approval.