2018 Cupertino City Council Election Results

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for supporting me during my city council candidacy. The top three positions in the Cupertino City Council race are Darcy Paul, Liang Chao and Jon Willey, who currently has a 45 vote lead over the 4th position candidate. The Registrar of Voters will certify the result on December 6, while likely also performing an automatic recount.

The swearing-in ceremony for the three newly elected or re-elected City Council candidates will be held on Thursday, December 6th at 7 pm in the Cupertino Community Hall (next to the Library). You are cordially invited to attend.

Below is the results as of December 6th with 100% of votes counted. Voter turnout was at a historic high and the top two positions received more votes than any other candidate in previous elections, demonstrating high interest in the election and the future of our city.

I will resign from the CUSD Board by 6 pm on December 6th after participating in the last Board meeting from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm, where one of the topics will be how to fill the vacancy left by my resignation. I’m happy that there are already many well-qualified candidates interested in applying. CUSD has 60 days to fill the vacancy.

I’d like to congratulate you, and you and you. It’s everyone of you who have done it. You have accomplished the impossible. You have collected signatures from more than 5000 registered voters within 20 days and reached out to thousands of residents. You have helped two grassroots candidates, Liang Chao and Jon Willey, to get right up there to compete with establishment candidates, all with shiny resumes and a long list of endorsements. It’s People Power. Cupertino will finally have a grassroots-friendly City Council majority.

You spent countless hours canvassing, making phone calls, manning library booth and numerous other things, even in the face of harassment. You made it happen. You have taken the City back.

It’s everyone of you who have voted for Liang and Jon, even when there is a constant stream of smear campaigns against us and Better Cupertino. You have been able to see through the smokescreen and still voted for us. You put your trust in us. We are so honored for your support.

We will ensure that Cupertino residents will be the drivers of major decisions in Cupertino. We will ensure that the City proactively engages residents every step of the way before major decisions are made.  

Pretty soon Cupertino will open a new Chapter. All developers will be held accountable to follow the state law and municipal code equally, as common residents. City Council Members will stay engaged with residents throughout their 4 years in office, not just right before the election. Cupertino will continue to thrive and grow, while maintaining our quality of life, which brought us to Cupertino in the first place. We will look for real solutions that we could implement today and not rely on non-existent future innovation to reduce the traffic congestion. We will make decisions based on data and evidence, not just opinions in consultant reports. Most importantly, we will ensure transparency, accountability and community engagement in the process.

I am very honored to start this new journey with you and to have the opportunity to serve you as a City Council Member. Let's create a better Cupertino together.

Liang Chao