Local Residents Endorse Liang Chao for City Council and Speaking Out

Local residents and community leaders are endorsing Liang Chao for city council and sharing their enthusiasm in testimonies below.  Join us by submitting your name at the link above.

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Betty Yuan, CEO of Northern California Chinese Culture Athletic Federation (李競芬, 北美华人体育协会執行长)

Art Cohen, Board Vice President, Cupertino Library Foundation and Cupertino Chamber of Commerce Boardmember

Gopal Kumarappan, Cupertino Library Commissioner

Patrick Kwok, Director, Secretary, Cupertino Sanitary District

Muni Madhdhipatla

Vinod Balakrishnan

Danessa Techmanski

Anna Wang, Special Needs Community parent and Vice President of Friends of Children with Special Needs

Dr. Gregory Anderson

Hua Wen

Tara Sreekrishnan

Ravi Kumar

Isabel Tserng

Sandia Yeaton

Sophia Badillo

Hua Zhong

Trish McAfee

R. Wang

Ruhua You

Yuwen Su

Alan Penn

Sandy Lee

Jon Willey

Ranjit Kumar

Francine Gordon

Nidhi Jain

Amit Panditrao

Yunqian Qi

Maggie Luo

Eric Schaefer

Luke Lang

Joan Chin

Henry Choi

Tow Wang

Ron Canario

Eric Carlson

Steven Scharf, Councilmember, City of Cupertino

Jerry Liu, Cupertino Planning Commissioner

Liana Crabtree, Cupertino Library Commissioner

Grace H. Mah, Board Member, Santa Clara County Board of Education

Lydia Kou, Councilmember, City of Palo Alto

Michael Goldman, Councilmember, City of Sunnyvale

Lynette Lee Eng, Councilmember and Vice Mayor, City of Los Altos

Dave Villafana, former President, Cupertino Education Assoc.

Kai Brown, President, Cupertino Education Assoc.

Maria Schinella, former President, SEIU Local 521 (CUSD)

Lisa Laguna, President, CSEA Chapter 13 (CUSD)

Yung Luy (Ray) Hing

Peggy Griffin

Mette Christensen

Nicole Woon

Randall Shingai

Lisa Warren

Yue Wang

Ignatius Y. Ding

Pamela Hershey

Caryl Gorska

Dongming Yao

Fumi Matsumoto

Matthew R. Miller Sr.

Larissa Wen

Bill Hershey

Madeline Kasof

Phyllis Dickstein

Tessa Parish

Winston Shiah

Bih Shiow Liu

Howard Huang

Kitty Moore

Greg Schaffer

Khyati Upadhyay

Carrie Oleary

Susan Kirsch, Founder Livable California



“Liang represents the community effectively, listening with compassion and responding with vigor.  Members of our community know that Liang will stand up for the environment, quality of life, education, equity, and all that makes Cupertino a great place to live.”

- Gregory A., Cupertino Resident


Liang is “a very dedicated individual who always makes time for anyone … and works to help with those individuals. ...While sitting on the [CUSD] board she was able to accomplish an atmosphere of transparency and trust. She was willing to ask the difficult questions on budget and policies. Liang worked well with the teachers and community to move us forward with technology and change in leadership. She listened to the concerns of her constituents and followed through with the change that was needed in personnel and budget restrictions.”

- Dave Villafana, former president of the CUSD teachers union (CEA)


“I’m sure Liang will bring her energy and dedication and hard work she has demonstrated as a Board Member of CUSD to the Cupertino City Council!”

- Art Cohen, Board Vice President, Cupertino Library Foundation and Cupertino Chamber of Commerce Boardmember


“She has had non-stop dedication to the health, welfare, balance and sensible growth of our schools and community for years, and possesses the most impeccable honesty and integrity.  She stands up strong for our residents. We need people like her now more than ever.

- Danessa T., Cupertino Resident


Liang-Fang is very sensitive, mindful, and supportive of the special needs community which is under-served and under-represented. I am proud to endorse Liang-Fang.

- Anna Wang, Vice President, Friends of Children with Special Needs


“Liang deeply cares about finding solutions to all problems/concerns and asks the hard questions. Questions that many do not want to hear let alone address.”

- Maria Schinella, former president of SEIU for CUSD classified staff


It has been an extreme pleasure getting to know Liang Chao... Liang has been instrumental on the Cupertino Union School District School Board. I have been in the district for 19 years and she was the first board member to come and introduce herself to me.”

- Lisa Laguna, current president of CSEA for CUSD classified staff


“Liang will fight to create affordable housing for teachers.”

- Kai Brown, President of the CUSD teachers union (CEA)


“I have known Liang Chao for years. We regularly meet to discuss city and regional issues. She is very well informed, has a firm grasp of the details, and is a very hard worker. Cupertino can count itself very lucky to have such a wonderful person working for the city.”

- Michael Goldman, Councilmember, City of Sunnyvale


“Liang Chao is about putting Residents and Community FIRST. She listens and cares deeply.”

- Lydia Kou, Councilmember, City of Palo Alto


“Liang Chao has worked hard for the citizenry of Cupertino as a voice for sensible development.”

- Sandia Y., Cupertino Resident


“We need someone who will be a voice for residents and not for special interests.”

- Sophia B., Cupertino Resident


“As an elected school board member, Liang brought tremendous positive changes to Cupertino Union School District. We can count on her to bring positive changes to Cupertino City governance. She is the ultimate grass roots level candidate we could hope for.”

- Muni M., Cupertino Resident


“Liang Chao cares about her community and she gets the job done!”

- Liana C., Cupertino Resident


“Dr. Chao has taken part to clean house at the CUSD to return the district back on track. Cupertino needs her leadership and unshakable conviction to integrity, transparency, advocacy and resident empowerment to navigate through challenges ahead.”

- Ignatius D., Cupertino Resident


“a candidate that will represent all residents in our community”

- Pamela H., Cupertino Resident


“Liang is a relentless champion of government accountability and transparency, as evidenced by her tenure on the CUSD board. … She will not give up until the job is done.”

- Caryl G., Cupertino Resident


“I think you can really represent Cupertino citizens and help us!”

- Larissa W., Cupertino Resident


“It is important to have a true representative of the Cupertino residents on the Cupertino City Council!”

- Madeline K, Cupertino Resident


“Liang is enthusiastic, organized, experienced in community leadership, with a brilliant mind and true integrity.”

- Phyllis D., Cupertino Resident


She genuinely cares for the community. When I heard she volunteers her time to teach ... underprivileged children, I realized she really cares. While most politicians volunteer for groups that give them the notoriety she volunteers for projects that will make a difference.”

- Tessa P., Cupertino Resident


She does her homework and seeks out information to form studied opinions.  Liang is the voice of reason for a transparent, balanced city.  While we are enduring the humiliation of a city Fraud Investigation from 14 years of deception, it is more important than ever to vote for thorough, informed City Council members.  Dr. Chao led the way cleaning up CUSD.  I say YES! to Liang Chao for Cupertino City Council!”

- Kitty M., Cupertino Resident


“Liang … is very good at researching an issue and getting as much information as possible to tell all sides of the story. The devotion Liang has to an open and transparent process in the running of our City Government or our School District inspires trust in those who work with her. It is wonderful to see such faith in the governing of our local bodies as Liang holds. She will engage the residents to make Cupertino a better run City and a better place for the residents to live and enjoy.

- Joan C., Cupertino Resident


“Liang is an incredible researcher and problem solver. … She is very knowledgeable about government processes and laws and is particularly well-versed in Cupertino's situation.   Most importantly, Liang's heart is with the residents.  She has stood for residents and stood against very powerful business and civic groups that threaten the quality of life in our community.  She has networked with grassroots leaders throughout the region.”

- Eric S., Cupertino Resident


Fact based, logical, and reasonable.  She helped many of us understand the growth problem in Cupertino.  Through her community activism, Liang has earned the trust and respect of the community…”

- Luke L., Cupertino Resident


“Fearless, intelligent leader. A voice for the citizens of Cupertino. Believes in sensible growth, and our right to choose.”

- Ravi K., Cupertino Resident

Liang “is really passionate about making Cupertino better.”

- Khyati U, Cupertino Resident

“Liang is one of the most qualified, trustable and committed public workers that I know.”

- Hua W., Cupertino Resident

Partial list. Titles are for identification purposes only, and do not signal endorsement by the organization listed.