Time for Change on the Cupertino City Council!

Here is Why

  1. Big developers get special treatment and exceptions at the expense of city residents.

  2. 1.75 million sq. ft. of office space approved at Vallco - severe traffic problems unresolved while worsening our housing shortage.

  3. Traffic congestion, school overcrowding and lack of retail concerns consistently ignored.

  4. School contributions sacrificed for pet projects, like the empty-shell Performing Art Center - interior and operating cost to be paid by you.

  5. Millions spent on consultants to justify high density projects. “Community-driven” becomes an empty slogan.

  6. $$$ spent on outside lawyers, while City Attorney on fully-paid leave under mysterious circumstances.

  7. Big capital projects lacking transparent fiscal impact analysis: such as $70M projected for new City Hall.

  8. Bait-and-switch at Main Street: Removed senior housing. Replaced athletics club with office. Allowed insufficient parkland.

  9. Failed to protect City from questionable SB 35 project. Then approved an even denser Tier 2 Vallco plan.

  10. More committed to ensure hefty Developer profit; impacts and financial burdens on us ignored.

Liang Chao will bring change to the City Council by putting the concerns of residents first.